Innovative Office Furniture By AngelShack

These new flexible and engaging office furniture solutions aid in creating interactive spaces that facilitate learning in the workplace.


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Learning and education have become a central component of in the modern office and AngelShack, a South African office furniture manufacturer, aims to design pieces that encourage interaction, learning and gathering together. 

Managing director of AngelShack, David Fish explains the importace of fostering and creating a learning space in the workplace. 

'Put simply: working is learning,' he says. 'Value is created in the exchange of ideas and if your teams aren't learning, they'll most likely be leaving.' 

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AngelShack's dynamic and talented team of designers has worked alongside multiple award-winning German industrial designer, Stefan Brodbeck to create several pieces of unique office furniture that cater to the growing need for interactive learning spaces in the workplace. 

Fish is of the view that having a flexible and developing learning space at work is essential. 'The creative and intelligent use of space can add value to any organisation, but when it facilitates learning, it has the potential to provide ongoing and exponential returns,' he says.

The new range of educational and office furniture available from AngelShack is both multifunctional and mobile. Plus, its bright colours and non-prescriptive uses allow users to reconfigure the furniture as required. With a wide range of pieces, the design aims to allow for flexibility, and is designed to facilitate easy and rapid configuration along with the concept of sharing tools between users. 

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Each of these pieces of office furniture has been designed with the ability to enable people to engage with and use them in various postures. For example, AngelShack's range of perch seating and sit/stand tables all facilitate standing, gathering, sharing and conversing. 

'Research has shown that people tend to engage better when they stand then when they sit,' says Fish, explaining why a sit/stand BigWig High table might be an excellent idea in your workplace.

AngelShack moves beyond office furniture into a more obviously educational space with the Charly school chair. These chairs are equipped with under-seat storage and a sliding writing table, allowing them to function as locker, desk and chair all in one. Also featuring efficient castors, Charly chairs are able to move freely and foster flexibility as well as a more engaging space.

'It also means that you can be more efficient with your space,' says Fish. 'With good design supported by the right kind of furniture that engages people's creativity, every space can be a learning space.'

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