'Lots of Love' From Chloe Townsend

Well-known Cape Town designer and artist Chloe Townsend is showcasing a new exhibition of paintings, entitled 'Lots of Love', at Chandler House.


Chloe Townsend | House and Leisure

As the founder of wildly popular local fashion brand and luxury leather goods studio, Missibaba, Chloe Townsend needs no introduction. And her first venture into the world of fine art – a 2018 show at the Voorkamer Gallery at Cape Town's Chandler House – was a huge success too.

Now Townsend continues her career as a fine artist with a second show at the same location – and once again, her affinity for bright colours and bold, confident shapes comes through beautifully in her artwork.

Her new exhibition is entitled 'Lots of Love', and we're in full agreement with the Chandler House take on Townsend's work in an official statement, which says the gallery is: 'thrilled to be hosting [a] second solo exhibition by artist Chloe Townsend'.

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Chloe Townsend | House and Leisure


The works that are on show in 'Lots of Love' all focus on the concept of love, considering the nature of love, the spaces where love happens and the things in our lives that evoke love and protect it.

Townsend has been inspired by recent developments in her life, she says, including moving her small family into a new home equipped with a garden and studio space where she is free to let her creativty and imagination run wild.

Chloe Townsend | House and Leisure

The exhibition doesn't fail to caution viewers that love can also have banal, dark, wild and spiky aspects.

In short, the views on love provided in these works make for a subtle, multifaceted and thought-provoking show – and of course the pieces are also simply beautiful.

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Chloe Townsend | House and Leisure

In addition, the materials chosen to create these artworks – which including fabrics, paint and other elements – work together and play off one another brilliantly. 

And while we've revealed a choice sampling of the pieces on show here, if you're based in Cape Town there's still time to check out 'Lots of Love' in person, as it runs throughout October 2019 at the Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House in Church Street in the CBD.

Chloe Townsend | House and Leisure


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