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The Dialogue Room: An Innovative Space For Creatives

Just opened in Cape Town, the Dialogue Room offers an exploratory space in which designers, architects and clients can meet to create new concepts. 

The Dialogue Room | House and Leisure
Morph mirrors by Studio AN and Cannata.

The Dialogue Room is an innovative space birthed from the collaboration between Cannata, a company renowned for its production of engineered stone and porcelain products, and Aimee Wolfaardt of Haardt Design Studio

As a sensory and interactive space, The Dialogue Room is a far cry from the normal conventions of a showroom and aims to become a fertile ground for thought-provoking discussion and discovery in a relaxed yet dynamic way.

The Dialogue Room | House and Leisure
From left: Studio AN's Jan de Wet and Jeanne Scholtz, seated is Haardt Design Studio's Aimee Wolfaardt and behind her, Cannata's Italo Cannata and Claudia King.
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The founders of the space aim to provide a platform on which local talent can be showcased, and to work closely with other creatives to showcase Cannata's capabilities through their new collections of furniture and decorative stone products. 

In creating their new collections, Cannata will team up with established or emerging designers to create new masterpieces of design including functional and beautiful furniture. 

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For the launch of The Dialogue Room, Cannata partnered with Studio AN, a Cape Town-based architectural and interior design brand, to create a collection called Morph. The conceptual idea behind this collection was found in the most unlikely of places: the fantasy notion of merging a table made of stone with jelly sweets. 

The Dialogue Room | House and Leisure
The Morph stool by Studio AN and Cannata.

Morph is a colllection of marble and terrazzo pieces named after the process of transformation from one process to another, and the collection is rooted within transition and growth. 

Studio AN has created several pieces for the Morph collection, including a light, stool, bench, mirror and cabinet. The pieces can be described as pushing the boundaries of the usual uses of stone materials, as well as enhancing their natural characteristics. 

The Dialogue Room | House and Leisure
The Morph collection by Studio AN and Cannata.

We're especially taken with the table light and the offbeat mirrors, and look forward to Cannata fostering more explorations of special materials via their use in innovative design pieces. Follow The Dialogue Room on Instagram to stay informed about what they are up to next.

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The Dialogue Room | House and Leisure
The Morph table lamp by Studio AN and Cannata.