A Beautifully Designed Barcelona Loft

Brightness, spaciousness and warmth were the main aims of this Barcelona loft project, designed by The Room Studio, in the city's charming Poblenou area. 


It's not often that we see a genuinely old-school loft conversion these days – but this Barcelona loft, which is 300 square metres in size, with ceilings that reach five metres in height in some places, is the real deal.

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The natural wood dining table is brilliantly set off by red steel and concrete chairs by Konstantin Grcic for Magis and a pair of Verner Panton chairs from Vitra.

The space was beautifully renovated and decorated by The Room Studio, a Barcelona-based architectural and design practice headed up by Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech. 

It's situated in the central and historic Poblenou area of Barcelona, and the owners wanted to create a home where the charm of the architecture of the structure was emphasised, with an industrial style and materials incorporated throughout.

They also wanted to keep some original elements of the loft, including the imperfections of the existing materials. In addition, spaces both for living and for holding events and exhibitions related to the art world were required.

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The storage/display cabinets and bar in the centre of the space were both designed by The Room Studio. The floor lamp is by Davide Groppi, with a modular sofa from Saba Italia, a Menu sidetable and a rug from BSB Alfombras.

For this, a very versatile space was created that is capable of being flexible enough for these different uses. 

In the main part of the loft, The Room Studio created distinctive areas in each corner of the space, and gave each one a unique use. This is done via the placement of pieces of furniture and the deployment of carpeting that make the 'divisions' seem both real and completely natural in a very visual way.

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Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The bar area's leather and metal stools are from Singular Market, and the suspended light fitting in the centre of the living space is from Vibia.

Lighting is also deployed to reinforce the feeling of separate areas being created within the larger space.

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The pre-existing industrial-style kitchen was preserved – it was simply incorporated into the new design and integrated via the colour scheme used in the rest of the loft, where accents of red and green make for bold focal points that also link the spaces to one another visually.

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The stainless-steel kitchen is the epitome of industrial-style design.

A number of very special character pieces of furniture – including iconic chairs by Verner Panton and Konstantin Grcic – were placed in the dining room, providing a really contemporary design note in this area.

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The striking, slender floor lamp is by Vibia and the cabinets were sourced by The Room Studio.

The projection zone was created to be used in two ways: on the one hand, it serves as equipment for any events held in the loft, but it is also used in a more informal and everyday way by the home's residents.

The curved sofa is positioned to allow for viewing of both projected images and the television on the nearby wall, and its form also helps to break up the many straight lines in the space. 

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The curved sofa is from Massproductions and the Noguchi table is from Vitra. The bar was designed for the space by The Room Studio.

In terms of materials, The Room Studio opted for noble metals, recycled wood, a variety of different types of glass, and comfortable and warm textiles. Despite the home being conceived in an industrial style, it was also vital that it feel cosy and classically 'homey', too. 

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
In the main bedroom, the bed is by Novamobili. The photographic artwork is by Jonny Paw, from the Barcelona gallery, Victor Lope Arte Contemporanéo.

Indoor plants are another very important element in the design of the home, bringing a green and natural note to the interiors. Different types of plants are used in each area, providing height where needed and also giving a tropical touch to the environment. 

Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
Indoor plants bring touches of greenery, and a tropical feel, to many areas of the home. 
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Barcelona Loft | House and Leisure
The modular sofa is a comfortable spot for lounging and reading. The striking table lamp on the cabinets against the wall is by Ingo Maurer.