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Introducing Cape Town Cheesebox

The newly launched Cape Town Cheesebox service means that in the Mother City, you can now have artisanal dairy delivered to your door.

Georgia East
Georgia East

When it comes to curated monthly deliveries, boxes of fresh produce, wine and even beauty products are all routine for many of us now – but artisanal cheese? Not so much.

Well, here's some good news for Capetonian online shoppers and cheese lovers: the newly launched Cape Town Cheesebox offers a monthly delivery of specially sourced cheeses from local producers.

Arriving in the form of two options – the Classic or the Big Cheese – customers can expect a monthly box containing some of the country's most excellent dairy delights. 

Cape Town Cheesebox | House and Leisure

We caught up with Capetonian duo Ashleigh Frank and Greg Austin – the brains behind the business – to see what sets their Cheddar apart from the rest. 

Cape Town Cheesebox | House and Leisure
Ashleigh Frank and Greg Austin of Cape Town Cheesebox.

All about Cape Town Cheesebox

Tell us a little more about yourselves and how Cape Town Cheesebox was born?

Greg: Ashleigh is currently finishing her Fine Art degree at Michaelis and I recently finished a Postgraduate degree in Computer Science.

We started Cape Town Cheesebox because we truly love cheese, and got the idea after attending a cheese tasting during a wine festival.

We found it was hard to buy artisanal cheese online, and felt that we were up for the challenge.

We officially launched in August 2019 and we operate from our residences in Tamboerskloof in Cape Town.

We’ve seen monthly delivery boxes featuring wine, meat and veggies – why cheese?

Because we can! There are a lot of underrepresented dairies around the Western Cape that we want to introduce, and having the ease of a monthly subscription is one method of doing that.

We also sell once-off boxes in two different sizes that are catered to cheese lovers of different sizes – big and small! Our bigger box is good for a family to share, and the smaller box is perfect for 1–2 people.

How does Cape Town Cheesebox work? 

Every month, we handpick a variety of our favourite cheeses to be featured in the boxes, which are sold online via our website.

We keep the cheese cold and fresh until the boxes are packed to order. We’re delivering the boxes ourselves at the moment so we can really stay on top of quality control.

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What can customers expect when ordering their own Cape Town Cheesebox: can they request specific cheeses?

You can expect a variety of cheeses in every box – from soft, semi-soft, hard and stronger cheeses in one package.

We like to mix things up, so we don’t repeat any selection from the previous month.

While we currently don’t have the facilities to work with specific orders, we are happy to cater to dietary concerns regarding our cheese.

What goes into choosing cheese suppliers / producers for Cape Town Cheesebox? 

We’ve tasted a lot of cheese and have found that a combination of quality and flavour is the most important element.

We are also keen on choosing artisanal, handcrafted cheese that is usually harder to find at the supermarket. 

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What’s next on the cards for Cape Town Cheesebox? Any plans you’d like to implement in the near future? 

We’d like to extend our service to the rest of South Africa, as for now we’re limited to the Cape Town area.

We’d also love to put together some new kinds of boxes that aren’t only limited to cheese. 

Follow Cape Town Cheesebox on Instagram to stay updated on their monthly drops, and for more details, visit their website

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