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Bring Your Instagram Feed To Life With Nifty250

The simple-to-use Nifty250 website will transform your Instagram feed into a variety of IRL products ranging from printed photos to posters.

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Scrolling through your Instagram feed is a great way to look back on a special time in your life, like a holiday or a big birthday celebration with family and friends.

But sometimes we also feel the need to create old-school prints of the images we so carefully photograph, edit and upload to the wildly popular social-media platform.

We might even consider putting actual photographs in an album – after all, that's the sort of 'I took the time to do this for you' gesture that makes for a really great gift for a special someone. And of course, you can't keep your phone attached to your fridge with a magnet...

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That's why, when we discovered Nifty250, we were thrilled. Nifty250 is an online service that allows you to pick photos from your IG feed and have them turned into a variety of different printed formats. You can choose from a classic Polaroid format (with the wide white border at the bottom), Fujifilm-style Instamatic prints, squares and strips reminiscent of those produced by an old-fashioned photo booth. Plus, there's an A3 poster option – more about that below.

You simply pick the shots you want printed from your own Instagram account while on the Nifty250 website, and then follow the easy steps to pay and check out. A few days later, your prints will arrive at your door. You can also upload images directly from your smart phone or computer without them having appeared on Instagram previously.

The HL Instagram Poster We Created On Nifty250

Nifty250 | House and Leisure

We spend quite a lot of time trying to make the House and Leisure Instagram feed as gorgeous and inspiring as we can. So we decided to turn some of our recent posts into an A3 poster on Nifty250. The process was really easy: you just allow Nifty250 to access your Instagram page, then drag and drop images from your feed into the grid provided. You can move things around and make changes until you're sure you're happy with the results.

The poster pictured above is our handiwork, and we're planning to create more posters in future using our feed pictures, so we can put them all up on the wall in our office. It's a great way to keep track of how our visuals are tracking and stay inspired, while also creating a unique set of artworks for our section of the workplace.

Nifty250 also offers a variety of accessories. We could have had our poster arrive with a frame perfectly sized to fit it, for example, and there are also elegant photo albums in a variety of colours, and the cutest small leather pouches (the latter make the perfect gift-wrapping extra for your Polaroid-style prints). 

Our experience in terms of service was great too. From picking our prints to placing an order to delivery, the entire process was easy to understand and seamless, as well as fast. Nifty250 is based in Stellenbosch and our office is in nearby Cape Town, but even so, when our order arrived in just a couple of days we were mighty impressed.

What's more, Nifty250 has agreed to offer all House and Leisure readers a special on their orders: simply enter the code LEISURE250 when asked if you have a discount code, and you'll get 10% off your purchase. To get started, head over to the Nifty250 website right away.