Instant (and Shoppable) Updates For Bedrooms This Winter

Just add new bed linen and a few key accessories for instant bedroom updates this season. Shop the look here.


A change is as good as a holiday, right? Indeed, but as rewarding as they may be, interior changes such as bedroom updates can often come with a hefty price tag.

Fear not if you can't fit any big changes into your life at the moment, though, because we've found a few ways to make bedroom updates in a budget-friendly way. Adding a new lamp, a fresh coat of paint, or simply investing in a new set of linen for your bedroom are all quick changes that won't break the bank. 

Below, we've narrowed down some great bedroom ideas to help you update your own (or the spare) bedroom to make it more winter-friendly. And why not spoil the little ones as well? We've got a quick new look for a child's bedroom too. 

Bedroom Updates 1: Add Winter Colours and Textures 

These glowing jewel-toned colours are the perfect way to give your bedroom a contemporary yet seasonally appropriate update. Choose a waffle texture for an even cosier, more hygge-inducing vibe – anything waffled makes our hearts sing in winter: towels, duvets, actual waffles... you name it. 

Bedroom Updates | House and LeisureBedroom Updates | House and LeisureBedroom Updates | House and Leisure


SHOP IT | Vogue Holland duvet cover set in Yellow, from R429 |
SHOP IT | Deluxe waffle duvet cover set in Teal by Linen House, from R1049 |
SHOP IT | Deluxe waffle duvet cover set in Red by Linen House, from R999 |
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Bedroom Updates 2: Keep It Classic 

The soft grey stripe in this duvet cover set adds just enough texture to an almost-white bedroom look that's coolly classic, yet also very cosy.

Bedroom Updates | House and Leisure

SHOP IT | Oria duvet cover set in Grey, from R599 |

Then just add a few additional natural elements to soften and enrich the look further. Try any of these options, for example:

SHOP IT | Woven cotton rope storage basket by La Jolie Muse, R320 | 
SHOP IT | Knotted jute braided round rug in oatmeal, R2 000 | MRP Home  
SHOP IT | Ashwood Hudson bedside table, R4 390, The Bedroom Shop Online 
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Bedroom Updates 3: Extra Fun For Kids 

This lovely colourful duvet cover set is bright, fun and unisex – plus, this sort of graphic pattern is timeless and suitable for a variety of ages.

The pattern will stand out boldly against neutral wall colours such as plain white or grey. And for a really co-ordinated look, the walls can be painted one of the shades from the pattern: bright yellow, cobalt, pale blue or red. Be guided by whatever your little one's colour of the moment is. 

For a fun and cheerful add-on that kids of all ages (including us!) will love, pick the Jock table lamp in oak by Native Decor.  

Bedroom Updates | House and LeisureBedroom Updates | House and LeisureBedroom Updates | House and Leisure


SHOP IT | Horrockses Segment Diamond Geo duvet cover set, from R319 | 
SHOP IT | Jock desk lamp by Native Decor, R399 | 
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