Art Stars Marina Abramović and Olafur Eliasson at Nirox Winter 2019 Sculpture Exhibition

Some of the art world's most celebrated creators are being exhibited at the 2019 Nirox Winter Sculpture event.

Nirox | House and Leisure
'Standing Circle' (2014) by sculptor Richard Long at the Nirox Foundation in the Cradle of Humankind.


Some of the art world’s biggest names will be featured alongside South Africa’s most cutting-edge sculptors at the forthcoming Nirox Winter 2019 Sculpture Exhibition. International groundbreakers like Adejoke Tugbiyele, Marina Abramović, Richard Long and Olafur Eliasson are just a few of the heavy hitters making work for the upcoming show. 

The 2019 exhibition, titled the Power Of Site, is due to open to the public in the first week of May 2019, and will see 20 artists from around the globe ‘explore and reflect upon the sources, control, sustenance and sharing of the energy that underpins and dominates existence,’ according to this year’s co-curators, Lorena Guillén Vaschetti from Argentina and Adam Jeppesen, from Denmark. 

Many of the artists, including Jake Singer, Gerald Machona, Willem Boshoff and Adejoke Tugbiyele, have created work inspired by the Nirox site following residencies at the NIROX Artist Residency. The spectacular Nirox parklands, designed by celebrated landscaper Patrick Watson, are located in the UNESCO-protected Cradle of Humankind, where many of humanity’s most important archeological discoveries have radically shifted our conception of our evolution as a species. 

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The exhibition will open with a special event called Long To Long – A Sunset Walk, which will see guests undertake a walk through the hills at the rear of the sculpture park to visit a stone circle laid by landscape artist Richard Long.

As the light transitions during the walk from dusk to darkness, guests will be able to light their way using solar-powered lanterns designed by the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, called Little Sun. Each adult ticket purchased for the event will provide one solar lamp to a student living with unreliable or no access to electricity.

Nirox | House and Leisure
The Little Sun solar-powered lamp, designed by sculptor Olafur Eliasson.


‘Richard Forbes used the energy of a running river to carve shapes out of wooden blocks. Moataz Nasr contemplates the energy from form through his Egyptian origin in "Sunboat"; Marina Abramović takes the energy from the Tesla Urn; Danae Stratou reveals the pulse beneath the waters; Little Sun, a solar-powered lantern created by Olafur Eliasson, will light the path during a night walk into the hinterland.

'James Webb creates a spatial intervention especially for this exhibition. Willem Boshoff looks to the histories, druidic portents and energies hidden within and evoked by the placement of ancient stones. Michael Mieskes’ "found objects" appear as an archeological site of the future.

'Lorena Guillén Vaschetti‘s sound sculpture reminds that all is one; Marco Miehling contemplates the energy created by the ongoing opposing condition of movement and resistance. We follow in the footsteps of Richard Long, who has walked the lands of the Cradle, leaving at Nirox two pieces that are both art and testimony of this unique experience,’ reads a statement about the exhibition. 

Nirox | House and Leisure
'Sunboat' (2019) by sculptor Moataz Nasr will appear at the Nirox Winter 2019 Sculpture Exhibition.
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For more information about the Nirox Winter 2019 Sculpture Exhibition, head to their website, and follow them on social media for updates about upcoming events at the park, such as Jazz In The Cradle.