With works by artists ranging from Penny Siopis to Samson Kambalu, these exciting new Johannesburg exhibitions will ward off the autumn chill this month.

Drop Dead Gorgeous, And 5 Other Johannesburg Exhibitions To See This April


There's an autumn chill in the air in Joburg, so why not take refuge in some of the city’s most inspiring spaces? Here’s everything you need to know about the art exhibitions going down in Johannesburg this April. At least one of these shows is sure to help you shake off the season’s falling leaves. 

Our Pick of Johannesburg Exhibitions to Visit this April

1. Nyasaland Analysand by Samson Kambalu at the Goodman Gallery (16 March-13 April 2019)

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Childhood memories of a Malawian ‘bubble gum’ game and an adult life spent thousands of miles away from home are just two of the elements symbolically represented in artist, author and Oxford University professor Samson Kambalu’s famous flags. They currently form part of Kambalu's Nyasaland Analysand exhibition at Goodman Gallery and offer a complex layering of meaning as well as a visual treat for all who see them. There are only a few more days left of Kambalu's exhibition, so make sure you get there. 

Find more info at the Goodman Gallery website.

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2. Warm Water Imaginaries by Penny Siopis at Stevenson Gallery (30 March-3 May 2019)

Johannesburg Exhibitions April | House and Leisure

Celebrated painter Penny Siopis’ Warm Water Imaginaries is a fascinating look at the possibilities of glue, water and oil paint as media. It also reflects the artists' decision to work on a much smaller scale while focusing on big issues like climate change. 'The material process of the paintings is a fluid affair,' Siopis says. 'The glue’s capacity to change its form and colour when it comes into contact with other forces – air, gravity, water, my gestures – imbues it with a presence that holds onto itself as "something other", yet can simultaneously take on the guise of an image.' 

Find more info at the Stevenson Gallery website

3. The Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts at Wits Art Museum (permanent)

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The Jack Ginsberg Centre For Book Arts recently opened its wonderful collection of artist books to the public with an eye-opening first exhibition in an architecturally rich space.

Find more info at the WITS Art Museum website. 

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4. HOLDING STILL: Psychology and Portraiture at SMAC Gallery (14 March-19 April 2019)

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Things get cerebral at HOLDING STILL: Psychology and Portraiture, a group show at SMAC featuring works by some of our favourite painters right now. Think Marlene Steyn, Georgina Gratrix and Kate Gottgens, as well as some names you might not be as familiar with – like Gareth Nyandoro – and old masters such as Alexis Preller. The show will, at the very least, force you to look differently at all your selfies, and ask what they really say about your state of mind. 

Find more info at the SMAC Gallery website. 

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5. Drop Dead Gorgeous by Olivié Keck at Circa Gallery (11 April-19 May 2019) 

Johannesburg Exhibitions April | House and Leisure

Our obsession with 'crimes of passion' and all the TV series and movies about these horrors have inspired the first solo exhibition by young colour wizard Olivié Keck at Circa Gallery on the Keyes Art Mile. The exhibition, titled Drop Dead Gorgeous, sees Keck move on from her earlier works created using Posca and Copic markers, to a series of works of enamel on wood. It marks a bold evolution of her already painterly style. 

Find more info at the Everard Read website.

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6. I Can Hear a Lull by Theresa-Anne Mackintosh at Kalashnikovv Gallery (6-23 April 2019)

After a hiatus of over eight years, artist Theresa-Anne Mackintosh returns with a solo exhibition at Kalashnikovv in Braamfontein that takes the form of works on paper and canvas. The works focus on her intuitive response to the particular intimacy of painting and drawing. And in Kalashnikovv's project room, you'll find the site-specific installation Jou Ma Se Kombuis by Allyssa Herman – a work that investigates the domestic spaces that women are socialised into occupying – such as the kitchen. 

Find more info at the Kalashnikovv Gallery website.