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#21DaysofTrends: Chunky Terrazzo is a Cool New Take on the Trend

Terrazzo is the trend that keeps on trending. And extending the life of the look even further is a new, super-chunky take on this very appealing material.

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Chunky Terrazzo | House and Leisure

Pop the word ‘terrazzo’ into a Pinterest search and you’ll be rewarded with page after scrolling page of inspiring imagery of this hugely varied, human-made material. A composite that has long been used for building – and especially as a surface finish for floors and walls – terrazzo is made by mixing chips of stone (marble, granite or quartz are all commonly used) or glass with a cement or polymer ‘binder’. The resulting material can be poured into place, or made into tiles that are later laid onto a surface.

When we say terrazzo has been in use for a long time, we mean a very long time. It’s been traced back to ancient Egypt. But terrazzo as we know it is a bit more modern. The form it currently takes has been in use since the 18th century, when the ultra-stylish citizens of Venice used it for pavements. 

In the last 50 years or so, as with many other elements of design and decoration, terrazzo has moved in and out of fashion. And after a fairly long period of it being very much out of style, a couple of years back, the material re-emerged as a trend. (House and Leisure first called it out in our Trends issue January/February 2017, for example.) It did so alongside much else that was associated with the Mid-Century Modern period in architecture and design.

Chunky Terrazzo | House and Leisure

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So, the material has been trending for a while, and it’s perfectly possible to snap up a selection of cool terrazzo (or terrazzo-patterned) items at outlets such as Superbalist. What’s new about it now, then? 

Chunky Terrazzo | House and Leisure

Terrazzo Goes Chunky

The answer is the development of a gorgeously chunky – and frequently boldly colourful – take on the material, as seen in the pictures shown here. Chunky terrazzo is definitely not a look for the faint-hearted, and we’re not sure that it won’t date quite quickly in domestic settings. But this bold take on the material is just such pure visual fun… so we’re definitely hoping that it will be cropping up in locations such as restaurants and coffee bars for us all to enjoy.

Chunky Terrazzo | House and Leisure

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