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Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce of leading East Coast design firm Fyfe Boyce chat to us about the design behind this elegant house in Simbithi, KZN.

Fyfe Boyce Shares its Latest Interior Design Project


Fyfe Boyce Shares its Latest Interior Design Project | House and Leisure

Our attention was recently caught by visuals of a recent project by design firm Fyfe Boyce. This abode, based in Simbithi in KwaZulu-Natal – an eco estate where the residential community enjoys a gorgeous natural setting – is just lovely.

Fyfe Boyce's co-owners Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce already have an extensive portfolio that includes interior design projects for numerous local and international clients. From beach homes on the Cape West Coast to boutique lodges in Zimbabwe, they have done it all. We chatted to them to get to know more about the men behind the slogan 'Imagine Living Here'.



5 Minutes with Fyfe Boyce

Did you always want to be designers? 

Kelsey Boyce (KB): I knew I wanted to do something creative. My dream was to go into film production, but it wasn’t feasible at the time. Instead, I put my thinking cap on and got a business degree. With this behind me, I was able to eventually pursue a creative career with enough know-how to make it a success.
Bruce Fyfe (BF): I initially had architecture and then dentistry in mind. When I was in Standard 8 (Grade 10), I was introduced to Cecile Tilley, Boyd Ferguson and their team (Cécile and Boyd) at their showroom in Florida Road, a space oozing elegance and masterful curatorship. From that day on, I wanted to share a piece of that.

What’s the most memorable piece of design you’ve ever seen?

KB: Rome's Trevi Fountain. How did they manage to do that all those years ago?!

BF:  The Futuro House by Matti Suuronen. It still leaves me undecided as to whether I like it or not. I guess it did appeal to the inner child in me and reminded me of The Jetsons, which I watched religiously as a child.
Fyfe Boyce Shares its Latest Interior Design Project | House and Leisure

Fyfe Boyce Shares its Latest Interior Design Project | House and Leisure

What is your earliest visual memory?

KB: Walt Disney. We only had black-and-white TV at the time, and still the animation captured my imagination. When colour eventually came along, well, you can imagine...

BF:  I remember loving table lamps, particularly playing with lamp switches as a toddler.

Do you have a secret talent?

KB: I sing.

BF: I’ve been told I’ve got good rhythm and can bust a move or two.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

KB: I’m a news addict. Coffee, CNN and taking my time getting out of bed. A quick breakfast before taking another cup of coffee at my desk. Emails get a cursory glance before tackling the bigger tasks for the day. I am very organised and structured. I work quickly and effectively. I am both right- and left-brained, so I love getting stuck into a spreadsheet as much as I love getting stuck into a design. Rare, I know. More coffee. More news. Gym at lunch time. Afternoons are the most productive for me and I have to force myself to stop working. I love what I do.

BF:  A walk in the garden with the dog children first thing in the morning, followed by a coffee while catching up on social media and the news playing in the background. Every day in the design studio is so different; a new project to start working on, new challenges on projects in progress, client and supplier meetings, and, most of all, enjoying the time spent in creating a client’s dream, investing in our team and the people that invest in us. Gym is something that is on the calendar most days though the snooze button may be hit several times. Evenings are often spent on the veranda looking out at our view with a G&T in hand and dinner in mind.

Fyfe Boyce Shares its Latest Interior Design Project | House and Leisure

Do you have special favourites among the interior/product designs you’ve created?

KB: Of course, but I don’t want to offend anyone, so I can’t tell you.

BF: Too many to mention. In each interior that we’ve designed, there are Fyfe Boyce pieces that we and our clients find very special.

How would you describe your decorating style?

KB: Detailed and considered. No project should ever look the same so we need to reinvent all the time. Our signature look carries through from project to project, but our style is always evolving. It’s personal and passionate. We focus on quality rather than quantity.

BF: Always evolving and very client focused. Classic contemporary with hints of American and Parisian glam and elegance.

What was your favourite part of this project?

KB: The clients. They were incredible. Everything you see is them.

BF: I would have to say the veranda. On the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, a veranda is where it’s all at.

Which single place should every serious art lover visit?

KB: Paris.

BF: Definitely Paris.

What would your last meal and drink be?

KB: A blue-cheese burger and Veuve Clicquot. Salted Lindt to finish.

BF: Peri-peri chicken and Champagne. Caramel Swiss roll for dessert.

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