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#HLDiscovery: Cheers to February with these Drinks

This is what is on our radar this week.


#HLDiscovery | House and Leisure

Do you need a reason to celebrate? Well, it's the last week of February, which means we are firmly into 2019. For a lot of people, Monday was payday. Cheers! If you are looking for a great drink to help you with the merriment, this weeks #HLDiscovery list features four diverse drinks for you to enjoy. 

1. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin

#HLDiscovery | House and Leisure

Gin lovers will be delighted to know that they can now sample Irish Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin locallym thanks to Truman & Orange. One of their latest imports to South Africa, this spirit will hit that sweet spot in the premium gin market. Produced in the rural village of Drumshanbo in the West of Ireland, it has been voted the gin by the Irish. 

The creation of PJ Rigney, who makes it at The Shed Distillery, Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin is made using 12 botanicals from across Asia and Ireland. It is slow-distilled by hand in a medieval copper pot gin still with a unique botanical vapour basket, which gives it an exotic, mysterious finish with layers of fresh citrus with subtle notes of spice. 

2. Groote Post Seasalter 2018 

#HLDiscovery | House and Leisure

Groote Post has released Seasalter 2018, a Sauvignon Blanc that perfectly reflects Groote Post’s West Coast terroir. The name was chosen to symbolise the unique minerality and saltiness of Groote Post’s white wines. Sauvignon Blanc has always been a big seller at Groote Post, and the Seasalter 2018 has elevated this varietal thanks to its zesty acidity and vibrancy, which is perfectly balanced by richer notes and a fuller mouthfeel. 

Not only is the wine the perfect accompaniment on a hot summer's evening, its label serves as a visual connection to the West Coast soul of the Seasalter: the pristine turquoise waters of the Atlantic, the simplicity of the wind-swept coastline, the weathered white-washed fishing villages and the seagulls calling from above.

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3. Loxtonia African Sundowner Baobab Flavoured Apple Cider

#HLDiscovery | House and Leisure

Based in Ceres, Western Cape, Loxtonia is one of the newest local cider brands on the scene. Their crisp, refreshing range of ciders have made them firm favourites and now they are releasing an exciting new flavour tied to the 'tree of life': the Baobab. In March, you can enjoy African Sundowner Baobab Flavoured Apple Cider. Founder of Loxtonia Cider Larry Whitfield says that this latest edition was born from a passion to create a quintessential African cider.

Loxtonia is made primarily from sundowner apples and extracts from the fruit of the baobab tree. It presents a slight tart flavour that blends perfectly with the sweetness of the sundowner apple. Other flavours in the range include Crispy Apple, Sparkling Apple, Stone Fruit Flavoured Apple and Pale Amber Apple. 

4. Richland Rum

#HLDiscovery | House and Leisure

Another new import to South Africa is Richland Rum, a family-owned, award-winning rum from Georgia, USA. Being the US' only single-estate, single-barrel rum, it stays true to traditional rum-making standards. Richland Estate has been making run for two decades using two varietals of homegrown sugar cane. 

The sugar cane is processed into cane syrup, then fermented and distilled before being aged in virgin white oak barrels for a minimum of 40 months. This a departure from using molasses – which most commercial rums are made with – making for a complex unique flavour. 

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