Renovations: This Couple Transformed an Outdated Flat into a Sleek Modern Pad

Taking polls and sharing tips, Anna Weylandt invited us all to see the renovation of her new Sea Point apartment via Instagram Stories.

Anna Weylandt


A renovation of this flat in an almost 100-year-old building in Sea Point was on the cards before Anna Weylandt even put in an offer to buy it. Weylandt is a designer and furniture buyer and her partner, Ramon Bischof, is an architect, so a renovation was right up their alley. ‘We would never buy a renovated place. We have the skills set to add value to a property, so that it was what we do,’ says Anna, who means this quite literally: she and Ramon did most of the work themselves to stay within their small budget.

They painted the walls, sanded down the wooden floors and even installed the kitchen cabinets themselves. ‘The renovation took 24 weeks. The building [work] took about three weeks, and the rest of it took more time because we could only work on it on Saturdays,’ says Weylandt.



Both bathroom and kitchen were gutted. ‘The most expensive thing was fixing the plumbing and electrical components,’ says Anna. The bathroom had a tiny shower cubicle and a triangular vanity with far too many cupboards. ‘My ideal layout would have been a double vanity, but re-plumbing the whole bathroom was beyond our budget, so we had to work with existing points. Since the shower was quite narrow, we made it longer so it doesn’t feel tight,’ she explains.


With the help of the Weylandts factory, Anna did the technical drawings herself, including those for new kitchen cabinets and counters. They also expanded the kitchen slightly by breaking down a wall and altering the position of the entrance to the bathroom. ‘The second-biggest job was installing the kitchen ourselves,’ says Weylandt. ‘It’s an old building, so all the walls are skew. A lot of DIY work went into making the cabinets look amazing.’


The lounge needed to have its wooden floors sanded and oiled, plus a fresh coat of paint on the walls and new light fittings. The main job was elongating the kitchen counter so it could be used as a shelf in the lounge as well, an idea that Ramon came up with to make the space look bigger. ‘We really wanted the kitchen to flow into lounge, and that was done with the kitchen counter that becomes a floating TV unit. I’m so happy with the joinery,’ says Anna.


The biggest change in the bedroom was building a wall to close off the bathroom. Weylandt saw the original layout as a waste of space. ‘It was such a narrow space to dedicate to a door swing in a bathroom,’ she says. ‘It was cleaner to close it up and use that wall for a chest of drawers for storage.’

Overall, the renovation process was rewarding and enlightening. ‘I will never sand floors again, but it was a good bonding experience – now we know we’ve done it, and it’s like a badge of honour,’ says Anna.

See Anna's Renovation Instagram stories below: