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Renovation: Before & After House #6 Kate Moffatt

The renovation of this interior designer’s home on the fringe of Cape Town’s CBD has changed it from a fragmented space into a spacious refuge for her family.

Greg Cox
Chrizanda Botha


Interior designer Kate Moffatt’s home in a popular Mother City suburb is remarkably close to nature: ‘We back right onto a green belt,’ says Kate. And this fact is reflected in her generous use of plants throughout the living space. ‘The house has large, established trees in the garden, so it only felt right to bring the greenery inside [when we were doing our renovation],’ she says. 

Kate describes the abode as an open and uncluttered dwelling that’s in keeping with its surroundings, and a place ‘where one person or 10 could feel comfortable at all times’. All of this is in stark contrast to the property’s former aesthetic. It used to be 1980s brick and tiles, with the ground floor broken up into four small and rather cramped spaces – kitchen, dining, lounge and study – all of which are now incorporated into the Moffatt family’s open-plan living space. 


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To achieve the sense of spaciousness and ease that the home now exudes – and open it up to the light – it was necessary to overhaul the structure completely. So, together with architect Lisa Rorich, Kate (who owns Hint Decor) transformed the space by changing ‘everything in the house: doors, windows, floors, ceilings, joinery, lights and so on’, she says. 

Following the structural changes required for the renovation, Kate’s skill in creating beautiful yet liveable interiors came to the fore. She went for a durable and fuss-free approach in terms of design and soft furnishings. And despite being home to three busy kids, ‘the house survives quite well,’ says Kate. ‘You might not think so at first, but white sofa slipcovers are actually the way to go because you can wash them regularly and they look brand new.’ Neutral tones are used throughout the home, and the beautiful, durable new wooden floors are a boon, too, when it comes to clearing up the kids’ clutter. 


Lots of special care went into creating the children’s rooms, Kate says. These are often areas in which parents struggle to strike a balance between adult tastes and their offspring’s whims, but Kate says she wanted to create spaces with longevity for her kids. 

Child-friendly and practical, the house now enables and easy-going, indoor-outdoor lifestyle. It’s the sort of home that combines family living with seemingly effortless style. 

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