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Bathroom Bliss: Clever Design Ideas to Liven up your Bathroom



Walking into your bathroom each day should be a pleasure. It's a sanctuary where you can take time out for yourself and get ready for the hours ahead – or take watery refuge after a stressful day. If you're not feeling all that enthused about your wash room, it may be time for an update. Here are four design ideas to help foster bathroom bliss once more.

1. Marine Core

Complement moody hues of sand, sea and sky with weathered textures and organic shapes.


2. Maximised Glamour

Turn up the drama with a combination of bold geometric forms, clean lines and sleek fittings.


3. Powder Room

This year’s soft pinks and peaches work wonders with crisp, white add-ons, and rose-gold and copper accents.


4. Black Magic

Bring the monochrome look home with striking pattern offset by raw, tactile finishes and woven details.