4 New Colours Added To The Caesarstone Collection

This year, in keeping with the times, Caesarstone has come up with four fantastic new colours that will work in a wide range of rooms and styles.


Caesarstone | House and Leisure

For decades, Caesarstone has helped to create inspired kitchens, and this has a lot to do with their chic designs and evolving style.

This year, in keeping with the times, they have come up with four fantastic new colours. These new shades, which form part of their Metropolitan and Slimline Ultimo collections, are exclusively available at Caesarstone and will definitely update the look of your kitchen.

These quartz surfaces also work beautifully in the bathroom. The new colours are:

1. Excava

Caesarstone | House and Leisure

Designed to reflect the authentic textures of manufacturing, Excava is a warm, bold colour.

It was created using cutting-edge technology to create weathered patinas in quartz. This is the first time this design has been achieved.

The colour, reminiscent of oxidised steel, pairs beautifully with copper or brass finishings. If you are looking for a powerful contrast, team Excava with materials such as wood and smoked glass.

2. Airy Concrete

Caesarstone | House and Leisure

As the name suggests, this is a more experimental and playful colour, which Caesarstone feels is the next generation of concrete.

It is symbolic of urban environments and works well with an industrial look. The patterns are rough and look unpolished, lending a lovely bit of texture.

Airy Concrete creates a well-aged feel while still being current.

3. Cloudburst Concrete

Caesarstone | House and Leisure

A lot more light, Cloudburst Concrete is another perfect match for an industrial theme.

Its white-on-white pattern creates the cloud-like patina that gives it its name.

The colour was inspired by the uneven porousness of cement and matt feel of alabaster. This colour is quite flexible, possessing a low-reflective finish that will work well with a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic.

4. White Attica

Caesarstone | House and Leisure

White Attica is the only new colour created for the Ultimo collection and holds a simple yet striking design that draws inspiration from natural marble.

With a clean white base and dense dark grey interwoven veins, its timeless look and feel makes it a super-versatile material.

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