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Find House and Leisure's display box at The Zone @ Rosebank

the zone 5 cent biscuit tins from Big Blue; Mandela Tea, clutch and Lion Matches bowl all from Sowearto.

A popular shopping, eating and entertainment hub, The Zone @ Rosebank is the place to be this spring. The shopping centre has long been considered a predominantly foodie destination, thanks in large part to its 2 000m² indoor food emporium that plays host to some of South Africa's favourite fast-food vendors and sit-down restaurants, from Simply Asia and Panarottis to Häagen-Dazs. And now The Zone @ Rosebank is partnering up with tenants and outside parties to help shoppers get more bang for their buck. August saw the start of weekly specials from retailers such as MyShakes Milkshake Bar, Maverick and Jane Gourmet Popcorn, Piza e Vino and The Fun Company, and for September, House and Leisure teamed up with The Zone @ Rosebank to bring a limited-edition #HLLovesHeritage display box to life. Heritage Month means something different for all of us; it's a time to honour the many cultures and traditions that make South Africa unique, and the curation of the display box seeks to reflect this. Find all your House and Leisure shopping must-haves on the ground floor of The Zone @ Rosebank, directly opposite Krispy Kreme.
Beauty products from The Laser Beautique.

Backpack from Deer Design and Mandela Tea from Sowearto.