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Masters of their craft: Zayne Symons

“If you take care of the trivial things, the things of importance will always fall into place.'' – Zayne Symons, Distribution Leader, SHF
Zayne is a man of planning, precision and execution. As the Distribution Leader of SHF, his focus is on delivering products to clients safely, timeously and efficiently. This calls on him to be a man of action and discipline. As a member of SHF for 9 years, Zayne's expertise is trusted and respected. He is a family man, whose genuine and earnest nature makes him one of the most esteemed employees. SHF is a leading South African furniture producer. Known for displaying exemplary craftsmanship, the artisans at SHF focus on delivering on-trend items while showing an ongoing commitment to meeting their client’s needs for bespoke design. Zayne shares his favourite items from SHF's current range:   01-clb00102048041-booth-plain-headboard-in-venetian-smoke Booth Plain Headboard (R6995)   02-com00621564168-dillon-corner-small-in-leather-lead Dillon Corner Sofa (RXXXXX)   03-com20624508041-essex-chair-in-venetian-smoke Essex Chair (R7995)   04-csc79042-tracker-granite-scatter-cushion Tracker Granite Scatter (R695)     06-kel002190720-epping-plasma-in-aged-black Epping Plasma (R9995) untitled-design Casement Mirror (R2695) 09-srf01034002-agra-sideboard Agra Sideboard (R21995) 11-yon00232001-bourbon-dining-chair Bourbon Dining Chair (R1195)   05-her76054-panja-beige-rug Panja Beige Rug, (R11995) For more information on SHF, please visit