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yswara goes to ghana

yswara After opening its first store in Johannesburg's Maboneng Precinct, luxury tea label Yswara has launched a teahouse and boutique in Accra, Ghana. The collaborative space, which has been dubbed an Afro-epicerie, is shared with Luxury Living and Akrafo Operating under the same group, Akrafo complements Yswara perfectly. In the ancient Ashanti kingdom of West Africa, the akrafo or 'soul-washers' were the stewards of their communities' wellness, and they ritually purified, strengthened and revitalised the people. Following this tradition, Akrafo produces herbal teas using organically grown and ethically sourced ingredient, and have a wide range of other natural products including honey, jam, oils and spices. Luxury Living offers a curated shopping experience, as their showroom displays high-end furniture and decor accessories from around Africa and the globe. The Yswara teahouse and boutique was designed by Mia Widlake of Studio 19, who also designed the Maboneng tearoom, and the interior moves away from the desert-pink and rose-gold hues the brand is known for. Instead, the vibrant colours and natural materials take inspiration from the tropical abundance of West Africa, creating a lush oasis in the middle of a busy business centre. Visit for more. yswara yswara Save