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World Baking Day

Love baking delicious goodies? HL chatted to GLAD about how you can use their GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper this World Baking Day.

World Baking Day on 17th May is the perfect opportunity to whip out your GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper. When it comes to all the little things in life, GLAD can make a big difference - whether you're at home, work or play, get the most out of life with creative, time-saving tips from GLAD.

Here are some helpful tips on how GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper can help you:

  • There'll be less mess if you crush biscuits or cornflakes for pie crusts or coating between two sheets of GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper
  • Make chocolate dipped strawberries and refrigerate on a plate or tray lined with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper so they don't stick to the plate
  • Line dessert moulds with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to prevent cake or dessert from sticking or for an interesting patterned effect
  • Thinly shave sweet potato and place on a tray lined with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper, bake in an oven until brown and crunchy and then use in salads, as garnish, or even as a snack with dip
  • Use non-stick GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to line your baking trays and frying pans instead of oils or fats which makes cleaning easier and less fuss

GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper boasts many features:

  • 20% better non-stick performance
  • A non-stick baking and cooking paper that eliminates the need to grease trays and pans enabling you to cook with less mess and no oil, which means less cleaning after cooking
  • Ideal for pan frying because it eliminates the need for additional cooking oil, providing an oil-free way of cooking
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 230°C making it ideal for use in both microwave and convection ovens
  • Line cake tins and baking trays to prevent food from sticking

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Don't know what to bake this World Baking Day? Here are some ideas:

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