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Woodstock Cycleworks

There are many good reasons for bicycle commuting, recreational bicycling and creating a strong bike culture in general. HL chatted to Nils Hansen, owner of Woodstock Cycleworks in Cape Town. He told us just why two-wheel transport is so beneficial… ‘Opting for two wheels involves quite a lifestyle change. Leaving your car behind is not easy, but our cities are slowly becoming more suitable and bicycle-friendly towns. We are getting more respect and infrastructure as time goes by,’ he says. ‘With heavy traffic and lack of parking only getting worse, more and more people are looking to get back on their bikes. What's more, riding a bicycle is fun and good exercise,’ continues Nils. If you are thinking about opting for two-wheel transport (and saving money on increasing petrol prices) more places are catering for commuting consumers. ‘Woodstock Cycleworks (or any other store specialising in, and encouraging bicycle commuting) is there to cater for those looking for a classic, restored or even customised bicycle,’ shares Nils. ‘Most of our stock is "aged" and comes from the '70s and '80s – when steel frames were the "in thing". We also have a selection of more modern commuters, hybrids and cruisers.’ ‘If you have an old bicycle that you’d like to repair, old classic collectible parts are plentiful in our shop. As far as I'm concerned, Cape Town is the next city to really embrace bicycle commuting; let’s keep our fingers crossed that the rest of South Africa follows.’ Visit Woodstock Cycleworks to have your old bike repaired - or if you're looking to join the commuter culture. Woodstock Cycleworks is at 99 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. Email Nils on for more info or visit the website at Call him directly on 021-461-5634. Photographs: Dave Mackay; Anthony Martin