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With September 2015 being Clean-up SA month, the question is how to participate in a way that is really useful?

Clean-up SA month, will feature many special events and various organisations will participate. With the focus being on recycling, organisations such as the PET Recycling Company (PETCO) that focuses on the recycling of plastic beverage bottles, will be present at some of those events. Many of the events are structured in ways to make them fun experiences for families. However, your participation could be as simple as starting a recycling programme at home, at the office or at school.

How can you get involved?

Start by being prepared with information Visit one or more of the websites mentioned below for detailed information about special events being planned Keep an eye on the media, especially local newspapers that will alert you to special events in your area Start at home If you are not recycling at home yet, start by separating packaging and other re-usable materials out from waste and put those in transparent bags for collection by your municipality if you have such a service available. Alternatively, take bags with recyclable materials to the closest recycling centre. Shopping centres, garages and other businesses often have big recycling containers available as a drop-off point. Start at work If your office building has a recycling programme in place, get more actively involved. If it doesn’t, consider starting one. PETCO has some useful fact sheets to help you do this at Consider participation in Recycling Day (18 September) or International Coastal Clean-up Day (19 September) events into a community project for staff Start at school For teachers: consider participation in one of the many clean-up events as a team-building event For parents: encourage your children to participate in special clean-up events organised by their school For parents, teachers and learners: consider starting a recycling programme at your school if it does not have one yet. PETCO has some fact sheets and good advice to help you get started.