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Wit & Wisdom

British fabric and wallpaper company, Lewis & Wood, combines the talents of three experienced designers in their Wit & Wisdom collection. Jenny Stringer, Marthe Armitage and Agnes Wimborne – designers who learnt their trade long before the digital era – have created Floreat, Cobweb and Peacock, the three distinctive designs in the collection. Floreat is the result of Jenny Stringer's collaboration with the Lewis & Wood studio. 17 of the Gloucestershire-based designer's blocks were used to create the lively pattern of flowers, fronds and foliage in her hand-blocked design. Careful to uphold the artistic integrity of Stringer's prints, Lewis & Wood has ensured none of the artisanal qualities are lost in the silk screen production of the design's two colourways, Campion and Sienna. Starting from a lino-cut design from Martha Armitage's own collection, Cobweb was created into three vibrant colourways by legendary textile designer, Georgina von Etzorf. Available in Caspian, Emerald and Kiwi, Cobweb is a bold and arresting fabric which beautifully displays Armitage's intricate design. While Agnes Wimborne's Peacock design has a contemporary laser-cut appearance, this vintage print was actually designed in the the 1970s. The screens – which were recently discovered in a dusty printer's attic – have been recoloured in three rich mediterranean colourways including Cava, Frascati and Rhone. All three designs in the Wit & Wisdom collection are printed on 100% linen. The Wit & Wisdom collection is available at St Leger & Viney. For more information visit