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Window into Fashion

Barneys, the landmark New York department store famed for its well-curated, of-the-moment designer fashions, is equally celebrated for its unconventional store windows. This season, Barneys pulled another astounding coup when it unveiled its new window displays a couple of weeks ago. Five leading architects and designers were tapped to create "Roomscapes of the Imagination", an individual interpretation of the concept of space via the traditional designer showcase, highlighted by clothing and accessories, of course. Artist Joe Grillo created "Fluorescent Scented", an installation described as delivering "a maximal sensory overload", thanks to its use of found materials such as recycled garbage and "melted mish-mashed odds and ends". For Grillo, this represents his idea of a new millenium and American futurism. "Love Me and Leave Me" by designer and architect Rafael de Cardenas is inspired by legendary German director Fassbiner's film about a fashion designer's trajectory from obsession to madness, "The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant". de Cardenas set out to evoke an environmental mood for each emotion in the film, beginning with an optimistic, orderly geometric pattern and ending in a shattered, reflective world of mirrors. From interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz comes "Suna No Onna", inspired by the 1964 Japanese film "The Woman in the Dunes" by director Hiroshi Teshigahara, about an entomologist who collects insects. Noriega-Ortiz' showcase, which includes a flowing Balenciaga gown, features continuously shifting sand, black feathers, furniture and dramatic lighting, all conveying the film's sense of sophistication with a sinister tone. "Ad Infinitum" by Lee Mindel and Peter Shelton of the architectural firm Shelton, Mindel and Associates, borrowed from the Latin "to infinity", is a modern take on Marcel Duchamp's Dada masterpiece, "Nude Descending a Staircase No 2", with a mythical Stairway to Heaven. Through the use of international newspapers as decoupage to pay tribute to cultures around the world, as well as celebration of the invisible world that lies beyond us. Source: Barneys New York Photos from Barneys New York Text by Bambina Olivares Wise