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Whoop, whoop for Frank Roop!

A while back I was doing some research for an interior project. As per usual I spent hours trailing the super highway and making all sorts of little stops along the way. During this surveillance expedition, I made a great discovery. I came across this interior...  

It is not clear from this vantage point, but to the right is a large bay window with sheer muslin drapes.

  And I loved it! It hosts a beautiful chestnut coloured desk. The day bed to the left is a cosy reading corner and is just beckoning me to disappear into it. Funny enough, I could never find the name of the designer...until recently that is. Last week I was chilling out on the net, when I saw this picture (again), this time on Pinterest, and wonder above wonders, there was a name. My beloved interior was compiled by none other than Frank Roop. I quickly did a search, and wow! Feast your eyes on these...


I adore these two-toned curtains. It adds visual interest, without overpowering the room. It is so simple and elegant.


The pale use on the light wooden floors is one of my current obsessions. I particularly like the moss green velvet cushions in the foreground. It is an unexpected luxury.

  As it so happens, I have a project coming up where I will be working with a round room.  

The periwinkle blue makes a great statement and the choc brown adds a nice, earthy base.

  I like how Frank pairs the sheer drapes with strong, solid furniture. I can imagine a lovely tea with the gals in here.  

This entrance hall is so unexpected yet fresh...

  The neutral scheme is fresh and inviting, yet small details add visual stimulation: the gold trim, spindly leaves, and the velvet covered bench all liven up this design.  

This is a striking, yet classy use of repetition in the chairs and curtains. Bold blue scatters bring this room to life.


This is the day bed in my beloved room.


Mr. Roop clearly loves his two-tone and sheer curtains.

  The use of two-tone, sheer curtains is certainly an idea that I will definitely find use for in my design. I am currently working on a lovely open-plan family home. These colours and curtains are the perfect inspiration. I just wish that I could spend some time in one of these rooms to soak up the tranquil atmosphere. Oh how lovely! Lelanie Slater is a talented combination of interior designer, writer, blogger and lover of all things unique, beautiful and creative. She is the editor and curator behind Of Beauty and Love. This blog is a space where she features trends, products, images, inspiration, people and more. The criteria? Be lovely, unique, and interesting.