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Westcliff pavilion

In a suburb that's known for its baronial mansions and expansive properties, you wouldn't expect to find a tiny pavilion perched on the corner of a huge plot of land. This stone, glass and steel home in Westcliff, which takes up a mere 110m2, is a cheeky take on the heritage of the area. The entire house seems suspended in the air, thanks to a 'floating wall' made of rock quarried from the ridge itself. Wide expanses of glass on either side of the living area allow the home to almost blend into its surroundings, while making the most of the ridge's resplendent views. 'When you're sitting out on the front deck, you think things can't get better than this,' says architect Georg van Gass of GASS Architecture Studios. 'But then you turn around and you're immersed in nature. That's the beauty of this house; no one side is more impressive than the other.' To read more about our House of the Month, turn to page 68 of the November 2012 issue, which is on shelf now.