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Weird and Wonderful Decor Trends

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This year has definitely been 'go-big-or-go-home' on decor trends. Bold, bright colours and patterns replace tired, muted palettes. Humour and quirk replace sophistication, while the homely living space has become the theatrical living stage. Your home is no longer simply a house, it's an exaggerated expression of your interests, reflecting quite starkly your evolving identity. Here we look at some of the weird and wonderful decor trends making the rounds, for your decorating inspiration:   1. Going big with contrasting pops of colour The easiest way to bring in some areas of interest is with paint. Add touches of colour in unexpected places, like these staircase railings. paint Image credit: Supplied Or perhaps enlist a bit of a DIY endevour with these geometric painted walls. Screen-Shot-2015-07-08-at-11.35.33-AM Image credit: Supplied   2. Hyper-realistic design While we touched on the hyper-real wallpaper trend in our 2015 HL Trend Report, we've spotted these bizarre 3D epoxy floors. Sharks attacking your feet while you prepare dinner? A dolphin greeting you after a shower? Not quite our cup of tea. Screen-Shot-2015-07-08-at-12.30.40-PM Image credit: Imperial Interiors   3. Weird bathroom sinks No longer the simple and functional necessities they once were, basins have transformed into focal, art pieces in their own right. Have a look at them here. 53 Image credit:   4. Taxidermy Taxidermy is back in a big way. No longer reserved for your creepy uncle's hunting cabin, the more lighthearted and fun version allows for brighter colours and a touch of whimsy. Have a look at our favourite taxidermies here. June-2013-Graeme-Wylie Image credit: Graeme Wylie   5. Updated decals Move over, cutesy creatures on those kiddies' walls - it's grown up stencil time! Decals now feature more subtle geometrics like these ones from Superbalist and you can arrange them yourself to suit your area's needs. Here we show you how to DIY your own floor stencil for a fun update. Alternatively, cover up those drab walls with a visually interesting wall hanging. 1150x1150 Image credit:   6. Birds Ever on-trend, the sweet flying Swallow motif that adorned every textile and fashion item has evolved into the realms of the wacky and outlandish. Add them to your home for a good dose of humour, like with these prints by Leila Jeffreys on textiles or the below portraits by Blazon. Screen-Shot-2015-07-08-at-4.01.50-PM   7. Unusual carpets Carpet looking a little drab? Rest those tired tootsies on some pretty unusual rugs, like these printed cowhides by Mineheart. Not for you? You could always hang your carpets on the wall if you prefer. Mineheart04     READ MORE: Painting Tips 8 Weirdest Houses Q&A: Dulux's Decorating Tips