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WDC2014 Official Stamps

In celebration of Cape Town’s status as World Design Capital (WDC2014), the South African Post Office decided to launch a competition for the design of a series of stamps for the occasion. Entries came in from across the country to design a series of five stamps. Each of these stamps had to reflect a WDC2014 theme: Live Design. Transform Life; African Innovation. Global Conversation; Bridging the Divide; Today for Tomorrow; or Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things. The panel of judges managed to narrow down the 87 entries from both established designers and students to the top three designs, all of which came from students. Tammy Elliot’s winning designs feature quotes from South African celebrity figures such as Nelson Mandela and Michael Elion that she believes encapsulates the five WDC2014 themes. Lize-Marie Dreyer, second runner-up, kept asking herself, ‘If I could peel off a stamp-sized piece of South Africa, what would it look like?’ She chose to use the colours from the South African flag to represent the nation. Third runner-up Sean Creighton took a different approach and recreated aerial maps of five top Cape Town destinations that each represents a WDC2014 theme. The winning designs of Tammy Elliot will be printed and launched as stamps at Design Indaba 2014. Text Astrid Sanders