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Rand Water estimates that the demand for water in SA will outstrip supply by 2025. Do your bit to protect this valuable natural resource with these savvy tips:

  1. Check for leaks in taps, pipes and dishwasher hoses. Remember, one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000L a month.
  2. Install water-efficient taps or tap aerators – it’s a great, inexpensive way to cut your water usage without you even noticing.
  3. Automatic dishwashers can use up to 40L of water per load. By using a dishwasher with at least a 3 star/AAA rating, you can reduce this figure to 18L per load and still get the kind of sparkling clean dishes you’re used to. Wait until you have a full load in your dishwasher before using it - this saves water and energy, and reduces the amount of detergent entering the sewerage system.
  4. Installing one of the latest 3 star/AAA rating showerheads can give you a great shower and save you around 10L of water a minute. You’ll also save on electricity costs, as you’ll use less hot water.
  5. Pool covers reduce the amount of water you need to keep your pool full and running efficiently.
  6. Keep a container of water in the fridge so that you won’t need to run the water down the sink until it’s cool enough to drink.
  7. If you have space, install a water tank to harvest rainwater. It is clean and free and perfect for watering gardens.
  8. Washing fruit and vegetables in a half-filled sink instead of under running water is a great way to cut back on water wastage.
  9. Thaw frozen foods before you need them or use the microwave instead of placing them under running water.
Tips provided by JoJo Tanks