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WATCH: Yield In Braamfontein

In a busy Braamfontein node, street artist r1 seeks to capture your attention by transforming seemingly ordinary spaces, such as this alleyway, with the familiar yield sign. The installation consists of 100 yield signs, which immediately capture your eye and lead you down the alleyway, encouraging you to take part in your surroundings. r1 describes the piece as '...based on the familiar yield street sign that we find in every other road to indicate that we must “give way” to another. It is interesting that yield also means “to produce,” which becomes relevant in the city context. This tension between being productive and giving way exists in every city, and bustling Johannesburg is a good example of it. This piece illustrates that these two seemingly opposite forces are in fact symbiotic; both embodied in the symbol of the yield sign.' You can find more if r1's work here. (r1. YIELD from r1r1r1 on Vimeo) Text Lizette Watts (via