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WATCH: Cape Town's Bottle Digger

Dale Lewis, who we featured as part of our Market Of The Month page in the April 2014 issue of HL is well known to all those who frequent the famed Milnerton Flea Market in Cape Town. If you’ve been to the market, you would have noticed his stall, lined with an array of interesting bottles he’s found around Cape Town and its surrounds. He really is a true expert when it comes to these historical items (he admits he’s only ever been stumped by two questions over the years, which we think is pretty darn impressive). Watch this video as Dale talks us through his ‘obsession’. Once you’ve watched it, make a plan to head to the Milnerton Market this weekend and meet him. You won’t regret it. Note, you'll soon be able to buy Dale's book, Collecting Antique Bottles and Stoneware at his table at the Milnerton Market too. Text Lindi Brownell Meiring (via Green Renaissance on Vimeo)