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Wakaberry frozen yoghurt

Capetonians, listen up. The next time you stroll down Kloof Street look out for the cerise pink umbrellas populating the sidewalk, just a short few steps down from Tamboers Winkel. This is the new home of the city's very first Wakaberry frozen yoghurt ('froyo') bar - a brand that made its debut in Durban in May last year. House and Leisure was lucky enough to be at the opening of the Kloof Street store on 16 November, to get a taste (literally) of what the space has to offer...

The biggest appeal about this frozen yoghurt shop is the self-service element that really talks to the kid in all of us. Another first for South Africa, Wakaberry lets you 'build your own' creation from scratch, giving you full autonomy to try whatever combinations your heart desires. When setting foot into the store you're confronted with countless frozen yoghurt flavours - including the regular flavours like Strawberry, Vanilla, Mixed Berry and English Toffee, to the more unconventional including Condensed Milk, Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Kiwi, Watermelon and Green Apple.

And if you're the type who can't resist hundreds and thousands, you'll be itching to sample the variety of toppings on display. For the sweet tooth the possibilities are endless, offering you the choice between assorted nuts, Chuckles, Liquorice All-sorts, Boudoir biscuits, Jelly Babies and Oreos, to name just a few. Then, of course there are options to cater for Cape Town's health conscious crowd, such as fresh fruit, nuts and cereals. Our suggestion? Go hungry!

The delicious tastes are amplified by the creative and colourful decor that resonates a sentiment of fun, youthfulness and leisure time. The bright colour palette, cartoon-like illustrations adoring the walls and lego-like seating all add to the store's fresh and quirky presence.

The fun and interactive self-service terminals give customers the freedom to create their own cupful of goodness.

If you like the concept of this store, you'll be delighted to know that Wakaberry has plans to roll out a further 20 stores countrywide in 2013. The Dean Street, Rondebosch, branch is following hot on the heels of the Kloof Street store, and will be opening to the public on 1 December.

The soft serve frozen yoghurt (which is 98% fat free) is also affordably priced at just R11 per 100g. You simply make your selection of frozen yoghurt and toppings, and weigh your cup before paying.

One thing's certain - we've definitely become proud 'Wakafans' since checking it out!

Visit for more information or follow the brand on Twitter @Wakaberry_1 for regular updates.

Text: Kim Grové