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Virtual Architecture

We've already heard about the ways in which virtual reality (VR) technology can transform the experience of gamers and aid those in education, healthcare and other scientific fields, but now newly released VR tools could have exciting implications for architects and designers too. London-based architectural visualisation studio VRtisan has created a video that shows how the latest VR software can be combined with hand-held motion controllers to enable architects to design buildings and interiors around them in real-time 3D space. This means that designers can actually be immersed in the space that they're creating while they're creating it, allowing them to view the setting from all angles and use their own intuitive understanding of space and dimensions to make important decisions. As Ekke Piirisild, the director of VRtisan told Dezeen, 'You’re not taking yourself out of the space to design as you do when you design in 2D. It allows you to immediately see the impact of your decisions regarding form, materials and so on.' Aside from creating walls, doors, tables and chairs in 3D space, architects can also control and select the finer details, like materials, textures and lighting. So essentially, they can engage with the 'finished' home or building as a user would before it's even been built. Apparently this is only the beginning, and technology is expected to develop very quickly, so who knows what will be possible for designers in the future. Watch the fascinating video by VRtisan below. Save Save Save