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Vinyl Clocks

We've come across this trend before - that of using discarded items and upcycling them to create something new and exciting. However, the work of Uber Cool Design in Cape Town has taken handmade wares to an entirely different level, in terms of both the materials and methods used. We're particularly taken with their collection of vinyl clocks that make for stylish, edgy time-telling pieces in your home. We have a feeling music lovers across the board will find these particularly enthralling. House and Leisure caught up with the brand's owners, Ofer and Anthea Barak, to find out a bit more... What inspired the design of the vinyl clocks? We saw an old LP record that someone had for sale at a flea market... It was nothing fancy, just an old item someone had used to make a clock out of - and an idea was born. The link between functional items and art is interesting. What gave you the idea to use ordinary objects in such intriguing ways? Every home has ordinary objects in it. Our motivation was to take those items and spin them into something beautiful and useful simultaneously. That is our whole mantra and the essence of what makes us tick.

Why the decision to use recyclable materials?
The whole theme of our business is one of being 'green': our focus is reusing, reinventing and recycling.
What method do you use to create the vinyl clocks?
It's a secret! We could tell you, but...
The LPs also have a vintage look and feel - what do you hope it will add to an interior?
We feel that these clocks, much like an original piece of art or a custom furniture piece, can help the owner achieve their own personal aesthetic, without the hefty price point. And we also think that they'll add a touch of class and uniqueness to any interior.
Handmade items are becoming increasingly popular. Why do you think it is so important to preserve hands-on crafts?
We feel strongly that this is important. In these times of mass-produced 'everything', there is a definite visible distinction between handmade, bespoke items that are beautifully put together from the design in our minds, to the actual finished product, and those that are not handcrafted. What other products do you offer in the Uber Cool Design range? We also make a range of CD clocks made out of old CDs and DVDs, wooden clocks, coaster sets and light switch covers. Where can our readers buy your items from? People can get our items online from us or from one of the online shopping sites, such as and Citymob. Most of their large vinyl clocks are retailing at R195 each. For further information visit or the Uber Cool Design Facebook page. Interviewed by Kim Grové