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Urban Grace

There is no escaping the fact that January has landed and what better time to add something fresh to one’s home? Look no further than the cheerful offerings of Urban Grace. A self-confessed shopaholic with a penchant for interiors led Durban-based Samantha de Lange to sourcing unique objects for the home. 'I started Urban Grace purely as a creative outlet', says Sam of her venture. The strong presence and adaptability of her pale-hued palette means items fit seamlessly within a varied range of colours and styles. Each item has a whimsical approach and is picked with the finest care. The owl, for example, works well for potting a succulent to sit on your sill, or in the kitchen filled with colourful utensils. Priced at R190 your pocket stays intact and you feel cheered once more. The long-eared rabbit ornament is well suited to a nursery or even out on the patio to welcome guests. This bunny is a mere R85. You can see more of what is on offer on the Urban Grace Facebook page or read Sam’s musings on her personal blog. To place an order contact her on 072-554-7160. The shop is located at 87 Merrick Hill, Crystal Downs Village, Mount Edgecombe Estate 2, Durban. Text: Nadia van der Mescht Nadia is a creative consultant who has a passion for locally crafted products.  She works with fellow creatives to build their brand, online presence and press portfolio. Creativity with integrity is her motto. Read her blog at