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UpSpoken Collective

UpSpoken Collective, the latest pop-up store in Johannesburg, celebrates the best of organic, upcycled design. ‘I work organically, and so UpSpoken was both a response to a staid retail environment and a culmination of many experiments,’ says designer Adam Levin on his and Brian Dickerson’s store. ‘As much as I loved sourcing exotic things and telling tales with them, I increasingly became affected by realities of sustainability. I wanted to champion fewer, one-off pieces of artisanal design and present them as one would present fine art,’ Levin continues. The store focuses on original design rather than brand myth with many key pieces designed by Levin himself. Atomic Orchid provides the store with more than just flowers and explores organic design. UpSpoken also stocks Jessica Rayne’s reinvented classic garments and redesigned animal skulls from artist Pom that furthers the idea of upcycling pieces and turning it into art. Miller’s Antiques also collaborated with Levin to create reproductions of classic antique furniture using bold and unlikely finishes. Shervin Ghorbany reinvents classic Persian carpets to make them desirable contemporary pieces for the store. ‘Creating pop-up environments emphasises the rarity of a limited edition piece,’ says Dickerson, turning shopping into an event rather than just a chore. Find UpSpoken at the Bannister Hotel at 9 De Beer Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg from 6 December to 9 December 2013.