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Upholstery Trends

HL spoke to Alpine Lounge’s Theo van der Hoven and Nazir Gani, the owner of Ismails Furnishers who stock Alpine Lounge products, to pick their brains about upcoming upholstery trends for 2014. What are the current global effects on local upholstery trends? One of the latest directions in upholstery is a move towards a more eclectic feel, influenced by textures and patterns from around the world. Our global village is getting increasingly smaller, with a wider variety of products available, which is especially true with regards to fabric. We’ve seen consumers move away from matching sets and instead opting to pair unexpected prints together (Theo). It’s a brave move, but you needn’t go the whole hog. You can simply upholster an occasional chair in a vibrant pattern or bold colour that complements a traditional 3-2-1 suite – instantly creating a focal point in a neutral scheme. (Nazir) What are the biggest influences when it comes to colour? Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2014, has set the trend for upholstery in luxurious gem tones – from cherry red, eggplant and amethyst to royal blue and amber. This trend is all about drama. A settee upholstered in one of the above-mentioned tones adds that extra bit of opulence to your interior space. (Theo) We’re selling more seating in brighter colours than ever before, particularly red and purple, and I think it’s largely due to a younger clientele that’s more daring. (Nazir) Is the idea of opting for a plain palette fading? Sleek profiles and neutral tones are still hot in the upholstery world, despite the popularity of bold colours. We live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with traffic, noise, adverts, crowds and stress, so it makes sense that more and more homeowners are spending their money on ensuring their homes are a haven from the outside world. As such, they are decorating the interiors of their homes in tranquil colours and textures that soothe their over-stimulated senses. (Theo) Do you have any advice when it comes to choosing neutral tones? Choose feature pieces in tactile textures and muted tones similar to that of your existing modern furniture, creating a common link between them that will create a seamless aesthetic throughout your home. Our genuine Gemsbok leather suites are an ideal way of including added texture and visual opulence into your living space. (Theo) Having seen how customers are moving away from smooth fabrics, such as suede, towards more textured fabrics like chenille, as well as exotic natural leathers such as genuine Gemsbok, The Zenith sofa also fits in perfectly with this feel because the leather really brings one back down to earth with its natural tones. With this look, the beauty is in the quality of the upholstery and the simplicity of the design. (Nazir) Is leather here to stay? Leather has become an increasingly popular choice of upholstery due to its many benefits. Leather is the leader when it comes to the choice of high-end furniture upholstery, and it is easy to understand why – it is beautiful, its natural patina improves with age, it is incredibly durable and it is easy to clean and maintain. (Theo) For more inspiration, visit Interview by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha Image courtesy of Alpine Lounge