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towel down in turkish style

Supplied by Hertex
Hertex Fabrics has added a range of softly coloured Turkish towels to its fast-growing homeware collection that will be available in store from September 2016, retailing for R370 each. Turkish towels are also known as peshtemal, hammam or fouta towels, and there's something supremely exotic and sumptuous about both their look and feel. They're highly absorbent and can be used as beach or pool towels, as well as bath towels or even as scarves, tablecloths and spa wraps. They're compact and dry quickly, making them perfect for travelling. Turkish towels are made from Turkish cotton, which is a premium textile with extra-long fibres. The result is a stronger and smoother cotton thread that ages very well and becomes softer and more absorbent with time - hence these cloths are a great investment. Hertex Fabrics stocks the towels in four different colours – Zest, Ocean, Stone and Surf – and they are made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester, with a terry towel (traditional towelling fabric) on the inside.
Collection _ towels 1. Zest 2. Ocean 3. Stone 4. Surf. Available from Hertex Fabrics for R370 each.

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