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local art and design blows its own Trumpet

Elsa Young and Supplied

Rosebank and its environs have functioned as Johannesburg's art gallery district for some time. There is the Goodman Gallery, David Krut, Resolution Gallery, Gallery 2, Lizamore & Associates and Circa all located along Jan Smuts Avenue; Everard Read, a block up from the latter; and Gallery MOMO around the corner on 7th Avenue in Parktown North. The Keyes Art Mile feeds off and expands on this with the addition of Trumpet, which is located adjacent to Circa on Keyes Avenue. Instead of creating a building that would compete with the distinctive Circa, Trumpet developer Anton Taljaard secured the architect of this building, Pierre Swanepoel of StudioMAS, and commissioned him to design a building that would complement its neighbour instead.

kate-gottgens_bloom_2016_oil-on-canvas_95-5-x-130-cm Kate Gottgens’ Bloom at SMAC gallery.

A flight of stairs sweeping down from the entrance of Trumpet into a square in front of Circa provides a public space between the galleries for art lovers to mill about on opening nights. The development boasts two new art spaces - one for Cape Town based galleries Whatiftheworld and Southern Guild, who have collaborated on a gallery - and one for SMAC. However, with the addition of outlets of other well-known local luxury brands, like Missibaba, Okapi and Anatomy, Trumpet is more than just an art destination. Rather, it's one where you can revel in all forms of local design.
screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-12-04-50 Missibaba Brazzaville tote bag.

Taljaard believes that there is a demand in Joburg for an art-design centered destination in the suburbs that counters globalised mall culture. 'There are enough people that are looking for a well-curated mix of good art and design and food. Pierre Swanepoel refers to it as "the art of living". That is the guiding principle. The art aspect is strong, but furniture design is another passion of mine and they talk really well to each other,' he explains. The high-end cuisine offering comes in the form of Marble, a new restaurant by David Higgs. A bar, offering spectacular views of Joburg, Northcliff corner, on the first floor will no doubt become a popular drinking hole for the young creative and business people spilling out of new members' club Mesh.
Marble - Bar (1) David Higgs's new restaurant, Marble.

Trumpet is all about importing all the creative activity from gentrified post-industrial districts like Maboneng in Joburg and Woodstock in Cape Town. 'We are creating a third space that is not in an industrial area. We are well placed to catch international visitors. Some of the future plans involve establishing a good upmarket hotel,' says Taljaard. Learn more about Trumpet and the Keyes Art Mile by visiting
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