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Trick of the Eye

Look at Asha Zero’s art and tell us it’s not collage. No, really…   The works of Joburg artist Asha Zero are in fact paintings, and not mixed-media collages, which is probably what you’d think at first glance. The painstakingly executed acrylics are detailed social commentaries inspired by the likes of newspaper headlines, street art, posters, album covers and magazines. Rather than cutting and pasting, Zero meticulously produces trompe l’oeil compositions, which, Shane de Lange of the Rooke Gallery says, are astonishing for ‘both their painterly skill and their social relevance’. It goes without saying that the artist spends vast amounts of time on each work, which is why there are relatively few of his pieces floating around. Couple this with the fact that all of his previous shows sold out, and you’ll get why the Rooke Gallery’s latest exhibition, micro cluster picnic, which showcases 15 new works, is so highly anticipated. If you’re in Joburg, make your way down to Newtown between 6 October and 4 November for what the gallery promises will be ‘an almost satirical, ultra-political, super-mediated understanding, which differs from [Zero’s] previous exhibitions’. micro cluster picnic is on from 6 October – 4 November 2011 at the Rooke Gallery, 37 Quinn Street, Newtown, Joburg. 072-658-0762 Text: Roberta Coci Image: Rooke Gallery