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Trends: Plascon

Plascon’s Calm Contrast Palette of pastel pinks in modern design show how this shade has evolved to be contemporary and on-trend. Here, we chat to Anne Roselt, Colour manager at Plascon. What makes this palette hot for 2014? There is a tint or shade for every mood and energy level. How has Plascon incorporated this trend into its product range? We have two pinks in the 2014 Colour Forecast – You’re my Sweetie and Pink Bubble. These pinks can be tinted in any of the Plascon premium brands, such as Plascon Cashmere and Plascon Double Velvet. What does the Rose Revival palette complement and how can it be combined well to be right on-trend in 2014? In theory the complementary colour to pink is green and mint green works beautifully with pink. Pink also works well with other pastels like soft blue and turquoise. For more serious design where grey has been used, pink adds a welcome touch of softness and fun to what could otherwise be a cold space. What distinguishes Plascon from the rest? We love colour but we understand it can be overwhelming so our goal is not only to inspire, but impart as much knowledge as we can. We do this through our Colour Forecast, Spaces magazine, inspiration brochures, blogs and website so that our customers can feel more informed and confident in making their colour choice. For more information, visit