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Trends: Dulux

The Dulux ColourFutures 2014 Silent Revolution palette is all about pared-back simplicity and thoughtful design. Here, we chat to Dulux colour specialist, Sonica Bucksteg. What is ‘introverted design’? Introverted design celebrates simplicity and innovation in creating unobtrusive spaces where beautiful form and delicate colour meet. The Dulux Silent Revolution theme captures the essence of this trend and shows how easy it is to apply to any space. What is your favourite colour and which space would you use it in? Top of my list at the moment and featured in the Dulux Silent Revolution palette is Clouded Pearl 1, an understated blue-tinged neutral that evokes a sense of restfulness and silence. It’s ideal for tranquil bedrooms and for those looking to create quiet spaces that exude minimalistic style. What colours are on the hot list for Dulux for 2014 and why? This year it’s all about intrigue and exploration with complex tones that keep you guessing as to which hue they truly are. One of these is Sea Urchin 1 – a deep teal – and our colour of the year! Not only is it a trending favourite in the design world but it also represents balance, sophistication, tranquility and versatility. For more information, visit