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Be Hypnotised by Clay

Tortus Copenhagen
Vessels from Tortus Copenhagen's UNIKA collection On an Instagram video post of Danish ceramic brand Tortus, one of the company's many, many followers exclaims: 'Suddenly pottery is something I want to watch all day long'. Take a look at one of the clips posted to this account and you'll likely feel the same. For this particular follower, it may have had something to do with ceramicist Eric Landon's flawless physique (an extra bonus), but for the most part, it's his brilliant handling of clay that is so completely mesmerising. While many of us have a penchant for pottery as a finished product, it's not often that we get to see earthenware actually being made, and hardly ever by such a master (Eric was awarded the title Craftsman of the Year at the 2015 Danish Design Awards). But the videos that the Tortus Copenhagen founder has created for Instagram and Youtube give us a rare peek into this world, and it's absolutely spellbinding. Sped up so you can see the entire process in a single watch, the clips illustrate the amazing technique required to throw pottery perfectly on a wheel, and viewing the seamless metamorphosis of a lump of clay into a flawless finished vessel gives us a newfound respect for ceramicists. Watch the videos below yourself and you'll undoubtedly understand why we're watching this gifted creative's social media accounts more intently than Netflix these days.
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