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Top 5 New Year's Resolutions


Ok, let's face it - none of us actually stick to our resolutions (if we did, we wouldn't need any, amiright?). But let's for a moment indulge the fantasy that this year we're all going to be super fit, super into gym and super dedicated to choosing kale over cake (yeah right...). Aaaand, moment's over. Every year my failing to follow stricter lifestyle plans, despite my best intentions, only leaves me feeling miserable.   That's why I've compiled a few simple options for 2015; ones that I think we may actually be able to follow: 1. Take the stairs Living in SA, we're faced with the very real dangers of a power outage at any given moment. No one wants to be stuck in a lift! Take the stairs, people! Your calves (and your lowered stress-levels) will love you for it. 2. Reduce your carbon footprint Ride a bike or walk to work, carpool or take public transport as often as you can. 3. Read a new novel every month 12 books a year! It's not that difficult to stretch those neurons from time to time. Work is difficult, family is time consuming - we're all in the same boat. But just for an hour a night, put down the smartphone/laptop/tablet, pick up a book and spend some quality time with your imagination. 4. Make healthier choices Cake is basically my religion, so I know I won't be putting down the Red Velvet anytime soon. That said, we can all make healthier choices in general without compromising altogether on our favourites. Where you can, choose alternatives like lower sodium, xylitol, coconut oil, rye flour and nut butters. Less allergens, more of the good stuff. Simple. 5. Start saving for the next holiday So we're all back at work and the holidays flew by way too fast. Sigh. I know I'm not the only one dreaming of the next holiday, so trust me when I say that putting aside just a little bit every month will mean *everything* come December when you're able to take that summer holiday you've dreamed about.   Happy new year everyone! May 2015 be awesome :)