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Top 5 Lunchtime Sandwiches

Woolworths is taking the next step in caring for the environment by changing all of their packaging into what is named an 'on-pack recycling label' (OPRL). These packages are designed to both encourage and assist recycling for the customer, as well as waste collectors and separators. Easy explanations and chic and sleek design makes recycling as easy as pie (or sandwiches, in this case). We've compiled a list of our favourite sandwiches, which you can grab for lunch today, knowing you are doing the right thing for our planet! 1. Roast chicken with a dollop of mayo and crunchy greens on soft brown bread (R29.95) 2. Beef and mustard with crunchy lettuce on brown bread (R26.95) 3. Chicken and chorizo with crunchy greens on brown bread (R28.95) 4. Caprese, juicy tomato, mozzarella and basil on brown bread (R24.95) 5. Chicken and crispy bacon Caesar on wholewheat bread (R29.95) Delicious!