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Top 5 Design Apps

We've found five apps you need to download now. 1. HOUZZ Cost: Free Platforms: iOS, Google Play Probably the best-known app in the home-design world, Houzz deserves its place at the top of this list. The app has experienced significant growth since its inception five years ago – it’s been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a five-star rating on iTunes. You’ll find yourself getting lost in its immense galleries dedicated to home spaces. It’s a community of creativity that’s smartly organised into categories including rooms, design styles and products (which become available for purchase, too!) making finding what you're looking for, or what you never knew you were looking for, a breeze. Plus it offers an opportunity for industry professionals to engage with customers on a simple, fresh interface. It’s really everything you want from an app of its kind. 2. DESIGN INDABA Cost: Free Platforms: iTunes, Google Play Design Indaba’s new app is pretty darn impressive. We’re happy that the company has released a free way (forgetting, of course, about the data costs) to share informative video talks by awe-inspiring virtuosos and exciting local and international design ventures on a current and convenient platform. We’ll see how it fares in the days to come and whether it’ll remain relevant after the convention, but when you’re in the hands of the talented folks that make up Team Design Indaba you can expect it to grow with the times, becoming more efficient and as up-to-date as possible. A must download for DI conference goers. 3. INTERIOR DESIGN FOR IPAD Cost: R79,99 Platform: iTunes We’re not saying that you shouldn’t get some professional advice when remodelling your home, but forget Ty Pennington, we feel like Nate Berkus with this app! Start with your 2-D floorplan and build from the ground up – 3-D style (because what isn’t in 3-D these days?). Its ability to render means your plans will have shadows and depth, really bringing your design to life. Play with furniture size, styles and colour, even with the wood – the app has over 50 real photographed wooden floors available for free. So maybe it will help you with that remodel. More likely you’ll find yourself spending doctor’s-office waiting-room time designing your dream manor house in the Hamptons. 4. PINTEREST Cost: Free Platforms: iTunes, Google Play The brand that spurred one of the best loved (and most hated) trends in the world – food porn – is the greatest resource for inspiring pics for everything from home decor and international design to delicious eats and holy-grail travel destinations. It’s super easy to organise the things you love and it’s a great way to share your interests with your friends (and get comments about what you’d like your stylist to do to your hair next). The bottom line? It sparks creativity and conversations about decor and design, and we’re just fine with that. Once you’ve downloaded it make sure you follow HL for daily pics, guaranteed to inspire. 5. PAPER BY FIFTYTHREE Cost: Free, with in-app purchases Platform: iTunes Sketch. Write. Draw. Outline and Colour. That’s what creator FiftyThree says this app does, and it’s this simplicity that makes Paper such a genius app. It’s got the awards to prove it. The clean interface, a plus in design circles, gives creatives a blank canvas on which to unleash their unbridled imagination. Students and young professionals will love it, but even those who prefer old-school tree products will be hooked. Sadly the only thing that comes free is Draw. For the rest you’ll be shelling out between R15,99 and R56,99. Compiled by Jessica Ross