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Top 5 Chilli Popper Spots

What better way to turn up the heat this winter than with a perfect chilli popper? We love the genius that decided to combine the melty goodness of cheese, the spicy bite of jalapeño chilli and the golden crunch of batter. Here, in no particular order, are five of our top chilli popper spots in the Mother City to calm that Tex-Mex craving. WHAT: El Burro WHERE: 81 Main Road, 1st Floor Exhibition Building, Green Point, 021-433-2364 Not your 'typical' chilli popper. Known as 'Chilli Rellenos' these smoked jalapeños are stuffed with queso fresco and served with a side of fresh greens. They have lost the batter for a healthier alternative. Three cost R50 and five cost R65. WHAT: San Julian WHERE: Shop 3 & 4, State House Building, 3 Rose Street, Cape Town CBD, 021-419-4233 Their classic poppers are stuffed with white cheddar and rolled in toasted tortilla. They are sold individually and served with a smoked chipotle aioli. Expect to pay R15 for one. WHAT: Neighbourhood  WHERE: 163 Long St, Cape Town, 021-424-7260 They have four different poppers to pick from. Goat's cheese and phyllo pastry, crumbed mozzarella, battered with cream cheese and battered with cream cheese and bacon. Four poppers will cost you R44 and eight only R80. (Add an additional R4 per bacon popper). WHAT: Fat Cactus WHERE: 47 Durban Road, Mowbray, 021-685-1920, or 5 Park Road, Gardens, 021-422-5022 Crumbed and deep fried jalapeños stuffed with feta cheese and served with a sumptuous salsa mayo is a firm favourite. Three poppers cost R46. Check out their 'Chubby Bullets' filled with cream cheese, blue cheese and bacon at R52 per portion. WHAT: Panchos WHERE: 127 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 021-447-4854 Expect deep-fried flour tortillas wrapped around your cheese-filled jalapeño, served with sour cream and guacamole. Pay R60 for a large portion and R36 for a small portion. With so many to choose from, we recommend you try them all. Any favourites you'd like to add to the list? Let us know! Text Michaela Stehr