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See Tomorrow's Artists

As the Cape Town Art Fair splashes onto the floors of the Cape Town International Convention Centre between Friday 19 and Sunday 21 February 2016, a special part of the programme is set to showcase the powerful work of a number of emerging artists from around Africa. The Tomorrows/Today project, which is a highly anticipated part of the greater festival, aims to familiarise collectors, art lovers, galleries and other creatives with the sorts of pieces being created by the greats of the future. Working on the theme of 'consumption', the exhibition looks at the issues, ideas, emotions and experiences that consume the selected artists, translated through mediums like painting, photography, sculpture and installation. The group's works will be judged by a reputable panel and the winning artist will receive a generous prize of R75 000. Here's a sneak peek at a few of the emerging talents to watch out for at the Tomorrows/Today exhibit.

thania petersen from everard read gallery

This gifted artist uses her creative prowess to tell the story of her people, the Cape Malay community, and their history and battle for identity. At the Cape Town Art Fair exhibit, she will be showcasing a video and installation that touch on this cultural group's spiritual customs as well as photographic work that explores the effect that colonisation has had on nature and her own descendants.
Thania-Petersen A photographic work from Thania's Botanical Imperialism series, which look at how colonialism has impacted on the environment and people.

masimba hwati from smac gallery

Zimbabwean-born and -based, Masimba Hwati is renowned for his unusual mixed media sculptural works typically made from old historically and culturally significant items. His display at the Tomorrows/Today exhibition will work along similar lines, with pieces made from found materials, like old rugby balls, that aim to explore, amongst other things, the symbolism we attach to cultural objects.
Masimba Zhet by Masimba Hwati

lady skollie from worldart gallery

Renowned for her erotic, confrontational works, Lady Skollie (real name Laura Windvogel) has put together pieces for the exhibition inspired by Saartjie Baartman, a Khoikhoi women who was exhibited in European human zoos for much of her life. The display touches on the objectification and over-sexualisation of the black and coloured female body. As Lady Skollie explains on her Instagram account, 'I promise you lots of butts, lots of sex and, of course, the honesty and vulnerability that comes standard in a #LadySkollie production.
Hottentot Skollie work in ink by Lady Skollie. Hottentot Skollie work in ink by Lady Skollie.

ruby onyinyechi amanze from goodman gallery

Nigerian-born visual artist Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze uses her work to explore topics like the power of play and cultural hybridity. At the Cape Town Art Fair, she'll be showing a number of graphite and ink drawings that touch on these issues and reflect her intricate yet minimal style.
Ruby Bridged by Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze

mathias chirombo from galerie noko

Mathias Chirombo's work is greatly informed by his spiritual and cultural background, which results in pieces that are raw, personal and heartfelt. His creations for the special project, which are mostly done in oil mixed with other paints, speak to the loss of his father and the journey a person makes from life to death and from human to spirit.
Journey by M Journey by Mathias Chirombo.

gresham tapiwa nyaude from first floor gallery harare

Born in Mbare, Harare, Gresham Tapiwa Naude creates vibrant paintings that capture the energy of this township and have an almost hallucinatory quality to them. Underscoring a lot of his pieces is a reference to the balance between survival and demise and the need to reach for a better quality of life.
Future Leader (Blue Skies) oil and acrylic on canvas by Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude. Future Leader (Blue Skies) oil and acrylic on canvas by Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude.

Be sure to also look out for the works of Rehema Chachage from Circle Art Agency and Kyle Morland from Blank Projects. Visit for more information. Main image: Future Leader (Red Bowtie) by Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude.