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Timber Tunes

These super stylish portable Bluetooth speakers from local company Shibby Beats prove that sound products don’t have to please only the ears. Made from real wood and boasting a sleek old-meets-new aesthetic, these slick music boxes are very easy on the eye too. Both can be taken anywhere and are sure to add a spot of pizzazz to any party or event. The larger of the two options, the Shibby Unwind, is made from walnut wood, features a neat carrier handle and is reminiscent in design of an old-school boombox. On the other hand, the more compact of the pair, the Shibby Road Trip, is crafted from bamboo and is small enough to just toss into a bag and take with you wherever you’re going. Both are also equipped with the latest audio technology, so you can trust that they offer great sound quality. Plus, they can also last for up to 10 hours before a recharge is necessary, which means you can enjoy your music all day long. The speakers can be bought online via shibbybeats.com and free overnight delivery applies. The Shibby Unwind costs R1390 and the Shibby Road Trip goes for R590.