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this new local magazine is exploring culture through food


As long-time fans of the eccentric, culinary-minded experiential design of Studio H, we were delighted to discover their latest passion project. Chips! is a quarterly magazine published by Studio H, designed by Kinsmen and edited by Alix-Rose Cowie that examines culture through the lens of food.

Issue #1: Hol(e)y

Issue #1, Hol(e)y, is themed around food and religion and takes its cue from the interesting, often humorous relationship between the two. In one story, food entrepreneur Matthew Freemantle considers the bagel as humanity's most ingenious circular invention, second only to the wheel. In another, artist Buhlebezwe Siwani shares her first encounter with a chicken and what the animal symbolises in African spirituality. There's even a playlist of songs to cook to, compiled by promotion specialist Andile Mbete. To read more or to buy the zine, visit For regular updates, follow Chips! on Facebook and Instagram.
'Lucky Food, Bangkok' by F Sections.

'The Chicken' by Buhlebezwe Siwani.

'Oh God's Gift' styled by Stephanie Anastasopoulos and photographed by Alix-Rose Cowie.